Sophie Groenwold

Sophie Groenwold

I'm a Regent's scholar at UC Santa Barbara, where I'm a rising third year pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science.

I love exploring the intersection of computer science with language and design. In my free time, I dance and read (& add books to my bookshelf).

I'm also currently:

  a Web Development Intern at Guardian Life

I'm collaborating with developers and Agile Release Train (ART) engineers to explore software development from both programming and project management perspectives.

  part of the UCSB NLP Group

I'm analyzing the efficacy of state-of-the-art NLP technologies on variations of language, with a focus on Transformer-based models.

I'm also preparing for EMNLP 2020, where my team's work "Investigating African-American Vernacular English in Transformer-Based Text Generation" will appear.

  the External Vice President of UCSB Society of Women Engineers

I'm SWE's point of reference for professional communications, and I organize our annual Evening with Industry.
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